Almost Every Believing Christian Stumbles Over This One Single Truth the Most!

But the gospel gives us the mind of Christ (First Corinthians 2:16) and allows us to think God’s thoughts (Isaiah 55:8–9).

Roger Himes Esquire
7 min readAug 6, 2022


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This message is about the unconditional love God has for us if we are believers in Christ. God has a love for all people as John 3:16 says: “God so loved the world.” But God has a special UN-conditional love for those of us who are believers: joined with him in the life of Jesus.

We Think God that Thinks Conditionally As We Do

God’s unconditional love is something very hard for us to grasp because we live with so many conditions, and we are conditional thinkers in the way we relate to others. We say, “I love you because…” But God simply says,
“I love you PERIOD… if you are in Jesus.”

If We Are In Christ, God Does Not Judge Our Sin

Most Christians worry about judgment for sin.

But Jesus became sin for us. Hebrews says he ‘put away sin’ for the believer (Hebrews 9:26). Sin has been abolished for us. We are told many times that God forgives all our sin if we are in Christ. But it also says twice that God chooses to not even remember our sin (Hebrews 8:12, 10:17).

Psalms say sin has been removed from us ‘as far as the east is from the west’ — which is a never-ending circle. He can’t judge what he doesn’t remember.

Paul says the gospel truth will judge us if we live it and obey it or not (Galatians 2:16, Second Thessalonians 1:7–8). Why is the gospel given such importance in the New Testament? First, it was ‘the invention of God’ as proclaimed first by Jesus and then by the Apostle Paul.

It also gives us the revelation of everything good that God does for us. Except for the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, it’s the most vital thing to ever hit planet earth. But then that’s what the gospel is based on: the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Paul says, “I choose to know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified” (First Corinthians 2:2).



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