People Rushing To Nowhere (№ 2)

America: land of liberty and freedom where we can make our own choices.

Studies show most people have no life purposes, plans, goals or mission or in life. Life just exists, day by day, and it’s habitual and even boring. Most young people today say that they are just ‘hanging out.’

We Get Caught In Ruts

We get up at the same time each day, eat the same breakfast (many don’t eat), and rush off to work or school, usually taking the same route each day.

I read an article: “We’re a nation of speed, but without direction.”

Singer Mac Davis has a song: “Stop and Smell the Roses.” It basically says we shouldn’t live this way.

Will Rogers said, “Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we’ve rushed through life trying to save.’”

We live emotionally if life impacts us: especially problems, and obstacles and offensive people. We tend to view everything as urgent, if they impact us in the lease.

I sure learned this as a lawyer. Lots or people called me at night to do something about a situation that couldn’t be handled until the next day. But we reason that if something affects us, it must be important. And if it’s important, it must be urgent and handled right now.

This is not living in logic, but emotion. We’re conditioned to rush even if it’s not important. Highway speed control signs are only there to show us how fast we’re speeding.

Goals Are Important

We’re told that those who have goals have 80% of life’s good stuff. And represented many, many clients trying to do exactly the same thing. Since I let God be in control more, life has turned out a lot better. Trust is amazing. It shortens the learning curve in life.

Too Often We Tend To Lead ‘Dead End Lives” Leading to Nowhere

A dead end road leading to nowhere

One certainty we all have is death. I wrote a booklet: “DEATH: The Ultimate Life Experience.” If you know God, and trust him for your salvation, you think this way. If you don’t trust him, your knees can knock together.

I know many folks bury thoughts of death deep inside of them. But they bury them alive, not dead, so they continually rise from the dead to haunt them.

Someone said we’re not ready to really live until we’re ready to die. It has helpful things about dealing with death — and with the reality of heaven. Peace is what produces certainty much of the time, but if we don’t have peace about death, we often lack peace about most other things.

The Bible is the only thing I know of that gives peace about death.

. . .

If you want to read all the lines of this song, go here:

If you want to hear me sing the song, here it is:



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